Parkinson Voice Project

Understanding Parkinson's and the Power of Intent

Over 200 years ago, Dr. James Parkinson described the basic characteristics of what is now known as Parkinson’s disease. Amazingly, many of Dr. Parkinson’s observations are still applicable today. Watch this lecture to learn the basics of Parkinson’s: the history of its discovery, its primary symptoms, and how the condition is typically diagnosed. Elandary explains the role of dopamine as a neurotransmitter and how its depletion causes the disruption of automatic movements in Parkinson’s. Additionally, she teaches the audience how it is possible to recruit a different, more intact, motor pathway by using “intent,” a concept that not only improves one’s speech and communication, but can also help people with Parkinson’s live stronger, happier lives. Take this course to learn more about Parkinson's and it's cardinal symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and the role of dopamine in automatic motor function.

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