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USD 30.00

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Candidacy, Risks, and Management

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) can result in a dramatic reduction of Parkinson's symptoms in well-selected patients. This course reviews DBS candidacy and includes a video of a patient with the DBS turned on and off fifteen years after surgery.

USD 30.00

Neuropsychological Testing and Cognitive Challenges in Parkinson's

Referrals for neuropsychological testing are common in the management of Parkinson’s, whether to gather baseline data or assess for DBS candidacy. This course reviews cognitive deficits associated with PD and describes the evaluation process.

USD 30.00

Parkinson’s Disease Wellness, Recovery, and Physical Therapy

This course reviews how lifelong access to progressive aerobics and PD-specific functional skill training can slow disease progression in Parkinson’s. PWR!4Life™ is a proactive program that allows individuals with PD to optimize their brain change.

USD 30.00

Pharmacological Management of Parkinson's

This course will help those with Parkinson’s and their families understand the safety, effectiveness, and research behind the prescription medicines, herbal products, and supplements used to treat Parkinson’s.

USD 200.00

SPEAK OUT!: A Practical Approach To Treating Parkinson's

SPEAK OUT! combines speech, voice, and cognitive exercises laid out in a SPEAK OUT! Workbook. This course includes instruction on individual therapy, group therapy (The LOUD Crowd), documentation, marketing, and Parkinson Voice Project’s music program.

USD 30.00

Strategies for Building Your Care Team to Live Well with Parkinson's

Living well with Parkinson’s requires both the patient and a care partner to develop a trustworthy, reliable “Care Team.” Learn who the key members of a productive Care Team are from a woman who has lived with chronic illness most of her life.

USD 30.00

Swallowing Disorders and Parkinson's

Parkinson’s disease may cause severe oral motor problems, including difficulty with chewing and saliva control. SLPs can help those with Parkinson’s and their families improve the safety and efficiency of the swallowing mechanism.

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